CyberDon Inc. has formed lasting relationships with the largest chains in the travel and hospitality industry, as well as group homes, delivering outstanding products and services to clients nationwide.

The following is a list of testimonials from Internet Kiosks and Wireless Solutions found throughout Ontario and Quebec. Here are what a few customers have said:


Dear Howard,
I would like to commend you and Cyberdon for the work you have done in securing computer systems and internet access at two of our locations in the past few months. You and your staff have done an admirable job in customizing your system to work in our environment. Technical support has been responsive and efficient. Equipment provided has been competitively priced. Remote management and monitoring has kept the systems up and running without the need for other technical support. In addition we now have the confidence that computers being accessed by children are restricted from accessing inappropriate material on the internet, without the need for close supervision.

Because we now have an advanced level of protection for the computers used by staff we are now assured that access to our on-line database is always available for logging and report writing, as well as e-mail and scheduling. These are critical functions that must be available without interruption. Cyberdon has made that possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services for any similar residential environment.


David Schulz
Executive Director

Mutual Support


My experience with Cyberdon was exceptional, and would recommend their professional services to anyone in the hospitality industry. Response times were efficient, and the technicians, and expertise level throughout levels of the company are extraordinary. Prior to my dealings with Cyberdon, our wireless service for our guests, and business centers, were constant, aggravating ordeals. Wireless internet is requirement in this day and age, and my dealings with less experiential companies, left me with a less than adequate system. Cyberdon changed that with the proper preparations and sending the right person for the job. There are hundreds of issues that can arise within a hotel, and Cyberdon was able to give me a turnkey solution that I never have to worry about, something all owners/managers can appreciate.

Because of our inadequate system prior, I went from 3-5 complaints per day, to zero in the 3 months. My regular guests, and contract guests, noticed the speed and reliability within minutes of Cyberdon’s work. To this day, I continually hear great feedback with what we had done with our high speed wireless, and our business center
reliability. My guest services agents as well no longer have to worry about dealing with these issues, and their priorities can be focused on providing an enhanced service for our guests, instead of putting out fires with the internet. High Speed Internet and business center applications are a necessity in the hospitality industry, and can completely change a guest’s view on the property if it fails. I no longer worry about this, and can focus on other aspects of my business.

Alston Cha
General Manager

Days Inn Edmonton Airport

I have worked at the Holiday Inn Express in Gananoque for 3 years, during this time we have always had internet (WiFi and Hardwired) provided for our guests.

As internet has become a very important feature in our industry it also became apparent we had to make a change. Guests were having difficulty connecting, getting a strong enough signal, and many more issues. Everyday there was an unhappy guest.

In October (2011) I contacted Howard at Cyberdon who was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining costs, requirements, and fulfilling our needs.

Within 2 weeks of my initial phone call Tony was on property installing the new hardware.

Since that day we have had no guest complaints and our staff are happy since they are no longer trying to troubleshoot internet issues that we don’t even understand.

Just 2 days ago we had a conference at our hotel in which 42 laptops were using the internet, I spoke with the group leader who informed me the internet was great and they had no complaints.

Since October I have spoken with Tony and Howard a number of times in which they have called, each time I am happy to report no problems.

If you are looking for a company to take away the stress of providing internet services I would highly recommend Cyberdon and Howard and Tony…. they make an excellent team.

Thanks again for everything,

Jessica Sutherland

Holiday Inn Express – Gananoque, Ontario

“I would like to recommend Cyberdon to any industry requiring wireless access points in their businesses. 
We have had their equipment in our hotel for the last three months and have virtually no complaints. Any client issues were quickly resolved
Thanks again Cyberdon!”

From all of us at the Comfort Inn – Sturgeon Falls 
Tina Halvorsen, General Manager

Comfort Inn – Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

“Cyberdon Inc. has fulfilled and exceeded our expectations by delivering an internet solution to our hotel that fits with our budget.”

Dave Brooks, CHA
Owner/General Manager

Days Inn – Brandon, Manitoba

“We were experiencing continuous and serious problems with our wireless internet provided by our previous company and needed a solution we could depend on being done correctly the first time and right away. We are glad that we changed to Cyberdon as our internet system was assessed, installed and operational within a few days. Thank you Cyberdon for the system that was installed and the service you have been providing. We are very satisfied with the wireless internet and forward to a long term relationship with the Cyberdon team. We would recommend them to anyone requiring help with their wireless internet challenges.”

Laurie Jaworowicz,
General Manager

Days Inn – Orillia, Ontario