Why Cyberdon?

  1. 24/7 Monitoring & Proactive Response
    When an alert is received, we call you to determine why the service was disrupted.
  2. Built-In Customer Support Service
    Your guest room customers call our toll free help line and we handle their calls..not you and your Front Desk staff.
  3. Worry & Hassle Free
    Upgrades to hardware and software are included.

What’s Included?

For your Reliable Internet package we have included:

  1. 1-800 Wi-Fi 24/7 Customer Support Service
    a) All customer inquiries are handled by our trained experts and never involve your staff.
    b) Periodic Manufacturer’s recommended firmware upgrades and updates to validate the warranties, are completed by Cyberdon.
    c) Service calls, outside of warranty items, are included.
  2. State of the art “All In One Computer” for your Public Access Business Centre
  3. Security Software
    a) Privacy of customer information protection with 24/7 monitoring and proactive customer service.
    b) users are restricted from visiting adult and similar sites, which are sources of destructive viruses that compromise systems operations and consume valuable bandwidth. 
    c) anti-virus protection. 
    d) automatic software and hardware upgrades and updates. 
    e) secure home page.

With a proven track record and over 10 years in the hospitality internet industry, we go the distance in creating and delivering the best products and services for our clients. We work extensively with regional ISPs (Internet Services Providers) to ensure fast, reliable and cost-effective connections all hours of the day. We also team ourself with leaders of internet security, IT and e-commerce to keep all our locations integrated in a seamless network.

To get started with Cyberdon or for more information and to schedule a consultation, email us or call our sales staff at 905-629-8842 or toll free at 1-866-733-4958.