Group / Foster Homes

Recommended by Mutual Support Services and TLK Residential Services Inc.

CYBERDON INC makes it possible for Group Homes and Foster Care Services for their residents to use the internet IN the home, instead of having to go to the library or elsewhere. We protect the privacy of the user by with individual Passwords and by erasing all new information created by the user upon logout or a short period of inactivity. This does require the user to save any information they want to keep on a USB key.

Safety of internet use is created by limiting and restricting the sites users can access. The computer itself is protected from harbouring Trojan programs or other harmful viruses because (a) most of the sources of these programs (example Adult sites) are earmarked with restricted access and (b) anything from the outside is prevented from being loaded on to the hard disc. This also preserves valuable bandwidth, as these programs run in the background making the computer run slower and slower.

Three major benefits our service delivers to group home and foster care facilities are:

  • Residents can use a PC, at home, safely, and unsupervised (access to undesirable web sites is restricted and controlled)
  • All internet activity can be monitored remotely if desired, by Administration (both staff and residents) By having access to the internet activity of any given user, intervention is possible to prevent harmful behaviours in high risk cases
  • Systems provide an extra layer of protection for safeguarding and securing personal files and sensitive information.

We provide a no obligation 30 free trial of our service to all interested customers, so that people new to Cyberdon and unfamiliar with us may experience the system, the benefits it provides and the manner in which Cyberdon works with their staff. That is, we set up a secure and custom configured system for you to use for 30 days, to give prospects the opportunity to experience the system “in action” and benefits it provides, prior to “signing up”.

We had the privilege of providing Dave Schultz of Mutual Support Services (St.Catharines area) with a similar introduction. Systems were configured to his specific needs and a trial period was activated. Mutual Support Service is a satisfied customer with whom we continue to cultivate a beneficial and on-going relationship. (See Testimonial Letter in our PDF brochure). We are delighted to make presentations to demonstrate our product to interest groups or information events (Seminars, conferences and so on).

Please contact us if you would like us to make a presentation to your association, or if you would simply like more information.

To get started with Cyberdon or for more information and to schedule a consultation, email us or call our sales staff at 905-629-8842 or toll free at 1-866-733-4958.