5 Myths of Hotel Business Centres

Myth 1: “My Business Centre is secure”

Fact: Majority of Business Centers in hotels and public locations are insecure and open to malicious attack.

Cyberdon Solution: Our CyberdonNetConnect solution will help secure your network.

Myth 2: “My Business Centre is safe from computer vandalism.”

Fact: Computer vandalism involves the manipulation of the operating system and critical files/folders, causing the terminal to malfunction. Without special software, most computers running Windows are easily hackable.

Try it yourself by pressing the keys LEFT-ALT + LEFT SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN simultaneously and followed by OK (reset the monitor’s settings by pressing this key combination again).

Cyberdon Solution: The CyberdonNetConnect solution will prevent vandals from compromising your computers.

Myth 3: “My computer is protected against viruses.”

Fact: Most virus scanners only catch about 90% of viruses.

Cyberdon Solution: To be completely secure, Cyberdon installs software that completely locks down the computer and protects the terminal against most viruses, Trojans, and destructive scripts.

Myth 4: “User information is of no concern to me.”

Fact: User data left on a PC can be easily accessed by subsequent users. This represents a serious security and possible legal concern to the owner of the equipment.

Your Business Centre PC may be in violation of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Cyberdon Solution: Our software securely erases user data at the end of each session, thus preventing other users from seeing a previous user’s information.

Myth 5: “Why should I care what website my users go to.”

Fact: Display of inappropriate website content on a public access computer reflects poorly on a hotel’s hard earned corporate image.

Cyberdon Solution: Our software prevents users from accessing inappropriate content and keeps your reputation intact.

Be Safe And Be Secure With CyberdonNetConnect
(Preferred supplier to the Westmont Hospitality Group and Day Inns Hotel Canada)

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