Digital Signage

Digital Signage represents the latest generation of display advertising units and informational hubs. Both a revenue stream and an internal marketing outlet it will prove to be a valuable resource not only for your guests but also for the business.

Digital signage is perfect for:

  • Welcoming groups and providing conference room schedules
  • Informing guests of local activities, local weather, airline schedules
  • Featuring restaurants, spa specials and other internal or local business promotions

The key benefits and features include:

  • Low cost of entry and maintenance
  • Easy to use online software manages content and deploys new advertisements and information
  • Dynamic control over content – you choose when, where, how messages are displayed on-screen
  • No dedicated technical staff, equipment or PC required
  • Generate revenue by selling on-screen promotional and advertising space to local businesses and attractions
  • Comprehensive training provided
  • 24/7 system monitoring.

We can also assist with content creation – templates or custom designed campaigns are available.

Chain owners will appreciate the ability to control the content that is being displayed throughout their locations from the corporate head office. Options such as support for advanced scheduling, interactive content for touch screens, automated weather, airport arrivals/departures, and banquet meeting room schedules and more complement the system. Screens can also change as needed from full-screen or multiple-zone modes.

To get started with Cyberdon or for more information and to schedule a consultation, email us or call our sales staff at 905-629-8842 or toll free at 1-866-733-4958.