Secure Business Centres

The kiosks that house Cyberdon’s business centre computers are custom built and are available in various colours to complement the decor of your hotel lobby or storefront. These kiosks are both aesthetically pleasing and offer ergonomic support to the weary traveler. Each kiosk can be configured to accept payment via cash, credit cards, or pre-paid access codes (Pay-As-You-Go).

Each new business centre includes the following features:

  • Customer information is secured and protected while on the system.
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive customer service.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • Restricted Websites: Users are prevented from visiting adult and other similar types of websites, which are sources of destructive viruses that compromise systems operations and consume valuable bandwidth.
  • Automatic upgrades and updates for the software and hardware.
  • A secure default start page.
  • The latest in All-In-One computers (NEW!).